Roasting Makes The Difference.

The Berlin is the first coffee maker to not only grind and brew - but also roast.

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Roast - Grind - Brew

The Berlin roasts, grinds and brews your green coffee beans with one easy scan. Want to know more about the Berlin? 

As fresh as coffee gets

The Bonaverde Berlin gives you the freshest cup of coffee, while promoting transparency and directly making a difference to growers lives. Get your green coffee bean packages and enjoy the full flavour without the bitterness. So fresh and smooth that you won't need to add milk or sugar.

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Personal Coffee Concierge

Connect your Berlin with your smartphone and let the show begin! At the click of a button on your phone, set a timer or pick your favourite roasting profile. Our Bonaverde Bot will be with you during every step of your roast-grind-brew coffee experience. Now, enjoy the revolution !

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No smoke

Just the sweet smell of coffee and even better taste. Using technology implemented by NASA and Tesla to keep your kitchen free of smoke and the smell of burned silver chaffs and oils. Time for a new Air Filter? Click below to continue your journey as a coffee changer.

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What others say about us

"A product that the world has not seen before: The Bonaverde Berlin offers everything a coffee lover is craving for.“

– WIRED magazine

"This is the most amazing coffee maker I have ever owned. I love to play around with different coffees and different roasting profiles.“

– Michael, early Kickstarter backer

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